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Manage cash flow, operate more efficiently and receive duty exemptions on re-exports while also streamlining the customs clearance process. When you choose FTZ No. 64 site 17, you gain these benefits and many more on your import’s and exports.

Streamline Customs Clearance

A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is a secured site within the United States, but technically considered outside of U.S. Customs’ jurisdiction,
allowing shippers to streamline Customs clearance.

Operate More Efficiently

Efficiently manage cash flow and save a significant amount of money on imported cargo shipments or manufacturing and distribution operations by using FTZ No. 64.

Defer and Reduce Taxes

  • Defer customs duties and taxes until merchandise is transferred from the FTZ to domestic market.
  • Reduce manufacturing processing/entry fees substantially with just one entry filed each week and just one fee per entry.
  • Reduce duties on goods processed or assembled in the FTZ when imported components have a higher duty rate than the finished goods.
  • Eliminate duties entirely on scrap, damages, zone transfers, and on goods re-exported.
  • Defer Harbor Maintenance Fee payments and pay quarterly.
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Bypass excise tax on re-exports.

Bring goods into the U.S. and store them before reshipping to other countries. You eliminate paying taxes altogether since the goods will not be sold abroad.

Document Filing Savings.

Requirements for clearance paperwork on goods brought into a Customs Bonded Warehouse are reduced, and North Florida Warehouse FTZ handles the entries and filings.


Take shipments from multiple countries and combine them before re-exportation, duty free.